Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Employment Dialogues

Click on one or more of the following links to participate in real life conversations about employment; job application or on the job experience.
May I speak with the manager?

Can you work the day shift next Monday?
What job are you applying for?
Do you know how to repair radios and TVs?
Can you tell me a little more about the position?
Are you applying for a job as a stock clerk?
I see you don't have any experience in word processing.

How is your "Business English?"

Take this test to determine your Business English Level. It's a good test of your understanding of English usage in the workplace environment.

Business English Level


1. Waiter and Waitress

2. Registered Nurses

3. Housekeepers and their assistants


1. Why should we hire you?

2. An example of a bad job interview. (humorous)

3. Job Interview Tips

Workplace Safety

Personal protective eyewear, such as goggles, face shields, safety glasses, or full face respirators must be used when an eye hazard exists. Read this useful information about eye protection on the job.

Eye Protection

Understanding the sources of indoor environmental contaminants and controlling them can often help prevent or resolve building-related worker symptoms. Practical guidance for improving and maintaining the indoor environment is available. Read about indoor environment and worker safety.

Indoor Environment

What can I do if there is a health emergency at my job? Here are some simple first aid tips.

First Aid On The Job

How to apply a pressure bandage: Youtube video

Basic Treatment for minor injuries: Youtube video

Slips and Falls; a video with written text